The Port Access Advantage Oncology Education Program provides you all of the materials you need to educate your patients on the advantages and use of implanted ports. An implanted port allows the doctor or nurse to deliver medications and fluids or withdraw blood samples without having to stick your veins directly with a needle.
Port Access Advantage
A New Option For You
Maybe you or a loved one will soon be receiving chemotherapy. If so, the treatment may involve frequent injections or infusions of medication or other fluids directly into the bloodstream. The treatment may also require that blood samples be withdrawn. To make these procedures more comfortable, you or your loved one may wish to receive a port.

A port will be an advantage during treatment. Learn more about ports as you visit this special website. Then, for additional information, be sure to talk with a doctor or nurse.

If you’re an oncology nurse, click here to access educational resources on ports.

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